Q. Where can I stay during the Summit?

A. There are several hotels located within 5 miles of Southeastern's campus: 


Q. Where can I park on Campus?

A. There are multiple lots on campus and all are available for conference parking. Most parking lots on campus require a color-coded tag; these signs can be ignored during the Summit.


Q. Can children attend?

A. Children are not encouraged to attend the conference unless they are of age to participate in the sessions. However, if they are going to attend a student ticket must be purchased for each child.


Q. Will wheelchairs be accommodated?

A. Yes. Please contact us to let us know when you will be arriving and that you need wheelchair accommodations. 


Q. Does the chapel have reserved seating for the Summit?

A. Reserved seating is only provided to those who require special assistance. If you have a disability and require special assistance, please contact us.


Q. Will session or single-day passes be available?

A. No. 


Q. What is the cancellation policy for the Summit?

A. Refunds will not be available within 10 days of the Summit. All refund requests prior to the 10 day deadline will be submitted with a $10 processing fee.