Breakout Seminars



Breakout Seminars

During the Summit, you will have the opportunity to attend three breakout seminars. Below is a list of breakout seminars that will be available to choose from. Please note these are subject to change; be sure to check your event program when you arrive for the final list.


Leading Your Church to Reach the Nations who are our Neighbors

Developing a Prayer Strategy for Diaspora Ministry

Creating a WORD and DEED Diaspora Ministry

Launching and Multiplying an International Student Ministry through Your Church

Launching and Multiplying a Refugee Ministry through Your Church

Developing Kingdom Partnerships for Diaspora Missions

Any3 Evangelism: Anytime, Anyplace, Anyone

Storying: A Method for Evangelism and Discipleship

Engaging Muslims

Engaging Hindus

Engaging Buddhists 

Engaging Sikhs 

Dynamics in Ministry among First and Second Generation Immigrants

Discover and Engage Unreached People Groups in Your Community

T4T—Four Fields: Among Diaspora Peoples

Immigration Centers and the Local Church 

Ethnic Congregations Reaching Refugees and Immigrants

Teaching English - Planting Churches, Reaching the Diaspora

Understanding Refugee Settlement in the US

How to Assess and Engage your Church’s Community

Forming Mentoring Networks for Ethnic Church Planters

Do You Know Who Your Neighbors Are?

Reaching the Nations from Where You Are  

The Nations Next Door Campaign

7 Keys to Developing Effective Cross Cultural Communication Skills

Best practices for Sharing Worship Space with Ethnic Churches

Facts and Myths about Diaspora Ministry

Business as Missions and Refugee Ministry   

Send Relief